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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Behavior management strategies and pictures

So here are some more of my promised behavior management techniques that I have been using.  All of them have proven to be very effective, although keep in mind that each child is different and that all of these ideas can and should be modified to fit specific classroom and individual needs.

I will start with a two class wide behavior management techniques. 

This is my pizza for prizes wall, each child's name is on the wall and there is a circle piece of cardboard with Velcro on which 8 slices of pizza will fit.  This is a positive behavior support technique.  Each child gets a slice of pizza when they have demonstrated desirable behavior.  Once the pizza is filled they get to choose a prize from the prize box OR they can choose to use the iPad for 15 minutes. 

When you start this system be sure to give out a lot of pizza slices so children begin to understand, then slowly reduce the amount of slices given out.  This is a great visual behavior management technique for students with severe disabilities.

This is the consequence wall with time clocks.  My class gets fun Friday for half a day on Friday when we watch a movie or use the computers or play board games.  Each student has a clock representing 1 hour of time, broken into 10 minute pieces.  After the students have been given several warnings (remember some students may need more warnings and some less) I remove 10 minutes off of their clock.  When fun Friday begins whatever time they have lost they have to spend sitting in the hallway doing work while others play.  Above the clocks is my classroom rules as well as a contract each child signed their name on.  Below that is a phrase "If I do not follow the rules I will lose time on Fun Friday"  Below that statement is a series of pictures of "ways I lose time".  Another great visual display for students, similar in look and procedure to the Pizza for Prizes.

Here is an example of an individual behavior system I have set up, along with an example data monitoring sheet.  This particular system was made for a girl in my class but could easily be made for a male student by using different pictures.

So the student starts a two hour block of time with 20 princess pictures representing 20 minutes of time.  The student is trying to earn an opportunity to use the computer at the end of the 2 hour block (note the little computer picture at the end of the chart).  Each time the student does not listen/do work (her particular behavior) a princess is removed, indicating a minute of computer time lost.  Whatever time is left is how much time she has earned on the computer at the end of the block.  The next 2 hour block the student earns recess time--whatever time she looses she spends inside.  The last 2 hour block the student again earns computer time.  The monitoring sheet is broken into half hour increments and if the student loses 5 or more princesses within a half hour time span she earns a "frown" on her chart (I send home daily charts with each student indicating how their behavior was for that day). 

This system has been effective so far, and I've only had it in action for a few days.  Once the student begins to understand the system you can and should decrease the amount of computer time offered, as well as how many princesses can be lost before a "frown" is put on their chart.

This behavior chart was made for a student with previous experience getting happy or sad faces depending on his behavior.  For some reason a sad face really upset him.  On this chart I have all undesired behavior across the top.  The day is split into 1/2 hour sections.  Within a 1/2 hour time if he gets three marks in any of the behavior categories he earns a frown.  The student started this system with 5 chances before a frown was given, it has been decreased to 3.  This chart is insanely effective, if the student had 2 marks and was about to cuss he'd stop himself because he knew what was coming.

So here are some ideas, I hope you use them!  I know when I was starting out there were all sorts of articles on these techniques but not a lot of pictures so I hope this can get some creative juices flowing!!!

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